Historic Pakistan: Rohtas Fort (2009)

Going towards Islamabad from Lahore on the Grand Trunk Road a short detour past Jhelum is a magnificent example of Muslim military architecture, a fort built by Sher Shah Suri called the Rohtas Fort. A trip to the fort was organized by the astronomy society at LUMS, as the now remote location away from the city lights provides excellent observation opportunity. The fort is around a 4 hour drive from Lahore on the G.T. Road.

As one approaches the fort, one is treated to a very impressive view, with the high walls and bastions leading to one of the several huge ‘doors’ to the fort.

Although the walls and bastions are more or less intact, the overall condition of the fort is not very good and bespeaks of the apathy of those responsible for preserving this national treasure. There are remains of a mosque and the only palace inside he fort the ‘Haveli of Man Singh’ , along with the main stairwell and the 3 stepped wells called ‘baolis’. Near one of the main entrances is a sikh temple built on the site where the first Sikh Guru ‘Baba Guru Nanak’ is supposed to have created a spring.

WIth a little effort some of the crumbling structures can be rebuilt and this national treasure preserved for future generations.

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